SH101_Girl & Dog in Bed

The Basics

Sheepadoodle’s are THE breed of choice for families. Their mix is of an Old English Sheepdog and a Poodle. The name (which alters "poodle" to "doodle" in reference to the Labradoodle) was coined in 1992. They are known for being gentle, sweet, happy, affectionate and most of all, silly dogs. They are highly intelligent and have nice silky fur with no under coat. The under coat on an Old English Sheepdog tends to get matted and is the hardest part to take care of on them. People tend to cut the hair short if they don’t have time to spend brushing every day. With the Sheepadoodle this is not an issue! This breed is hypoallergenic so people with animal allergies still do well with them.

3 Sizes of Fun

The best part about Sheepadoodle’s is that they can be bred 3 different ways, making 3 different size dogs


The Standard

The first way is a Standard Sheepadoodle, these are big dogs. They weigh anywhere from 80-140lbs full grown and are absolutely beautiful.

SH101_Mini Size

The Mini

You should expect a mini to get anywhere from 35-55 lbs. All the things you love about the Standard, in a size your apartment HOA allows.


The Micro

There are only a handful of breeders that do this size and you can expect them to be 30 lbs and under. All of these sizes don’t change their temperament and love of people.


A Sheepadoodle is amongst the smarter dog breeds in the world, inheriting from it's poodle roots. These dogs are surprisingly easy to train. Not only are they intelligent, but their sole purpose in life it to love and please you. They are non-dominant, outgoing, yet calm at the same time. They are not excessive barkers, and love all people and other animals as a general rule. They especially love children, and make delightful amazing family pets.

Coat Type

Non Shedding, A sheepadoodle as well as a whoodle, are the ONLY, doodles that can lay claim to truly non-shedding coats. This is because an OES as well as a standard poodle are non shedding dogs. However, if you breed a standard poodle to a golden retriever, or a Labrador, or, any other full shedding breed you are relying on the poodle solely to produce you a non-shedding dog. In many cases the breeder will tell you guaranteed non- shedding, however, in many cases once full adult coat comes in the dog does in fact shed, in some cases almost as much as the full shedding dog. This leads to heartache as many have to re-home their beloved dogs as they have allergies and cannot keep them in the home. Most of my Sheepadoodles have very straight coats, some however are born with a wavy coat. This does not mean that they will have a full poodle coat, but rather, when their hair is longer you may see a wave to the coat. Pictured here are brother and sister, one was born with very straight coat, one with very wavy coat, as you can see there is not much difference because they were both groomed by me recently, but when coat starts to grow out you will see charlie, the male, with a wave to his coat.

Exercise Needs

Sometimes people contact me with the question, I have a small yard or I live in a condo and I really want a Sheepdoodle do you think it will work. The answer is YES. Any breed can live anywhere with the exception of a few, the factor is not where you live but are you willing to take your dog out for a walk or park or whatever. I kick box with my standard poodle every day, she bats and kicks at me with the best of them and therefore is getting not only some excercize but also some entertainment. Dogs, like humans become bored if just left on days on end with no active outlet. A bored dog will chew your house to death and may even pee and poop in your house as their way of telling you hey, I am bored do something with me. So, if you live in a condo or have a house in the city with little or no yard, no problem, just make sure your puppy gets enough activity to keep him healthy and stimulated. Also, Sheepadoodles at least my line anyway are obsessed with water so if you are into camping be prepared to come home with a stinky matted lake swimming dog, always best to shave down coat before camping.

Grooming Needs

all non shedding dogs have hair that grows and grows continuously without ever stopping, that is why they do not shed a shedding dog drops hair all over your house. The only disadvantage of a non-shedding dog is the cost of grooming, but if you weigh it out to the cost of vacuuming twice a day seven days a week to suck up dog hair, and the hassle and time it takes you to remove dog hair from your furniture, and the extra cost you pay to have your ducts cleaned every year instead of just once in a while becuase if you dont you will be getting dog hair flying through your house when ever heat or air is on, the cost of grooming now makes sense. There are those who feel they will save a buck, stretch groom time out as long as possible until their dogs can no longer see, there are also those who would prefer to groom their own dog. If you are one of those types you need not apply for one of my puppies, as a groomer I have seen it all and if you cannot afford the 60 to 70 dollars for grooming every 8 - 10 weeks, then you need to buy a shedding dog, period. Why dont I believe in you grooming your own dog?? It has taken me over 3 years to get to the point now where I actually consider myself a decent groomer, so unless you are going to go to school and spend 2000 in equipment and do the job properly, dont because you will never get the job done in a way that benefits your puppy, you will miss critical areas which will make him suffer.

Coat Colors

A sheepadoodle most commonly comes in 3 colour choices, all black, black with white points, or full parti black and white. I personally am the type who likes adventure and variety, so to me there is no good reason that a sheepadoodle must be black or black and white, why, it is the temperment you are purchasing, the unique one of a kind and beautiful soft temperment of a sheepadoodle and really to have only black and white pups is boring to me. So, I infused some chocolate into my lines and now have the occasional, one or two chocolate brown or chocolate brown and white parti sheepadoodle. Next year I am going to try and produce phantom sheepadoodles, you can google phantom standards to see what they look like, my favourite look. I am also searching the world right now for the perfect brindle female, whom when bred to my stunning new sheepadoodle George, may produce brindle markings another favourite of mine.